Before I pass out and forget everything, I need to throw this information somewhere for posterity.

I arrived on campus with a bagel and some coffee (rare for me) this morning at 9am. I just got home 10 minutes ago. In the intervening 15.5 hours I…

- Read 120 pages of Rousseau’s political writings

- Attended a lecture on the social contract

- Checked out 5 more books for my thesis

- Wrote a 3-page response essay

- Shipped comics to California, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana

- Read the entirety of Art & Fear and Claire Siepser’s comics-based thesis (~100 pages combined)

- Requested 10 books on inter-library loan

- Cut out and assembled 257 Baggywrinkles buttons

- Read 150 pages of McCloud’s Making Comics

- Wrote critiques of 12 classmates’ comics

- Researched, scripted, and thumbnailed a 4-page comic about the Crimean War

- Revised my thesis proposal


I’m really, really hoping this gives me enough of a reason to slack off for the rest of the week. Goddamn. I don’t know why I do this sometimes.


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