Annual Badgers

Hello all! I return from California (not particularly) bronzed and (moderately) well-rested. As I scan a few things and prepare to reprint the Baggies, I thought I’d post a few badgers to be going on with. For the past 3 or 4 years I’ve drawn my father a badger every year for most major holidays. It’s about as close a thing to a spirit animal as I think he’ll ever have, and it’s been his nickname forever and ever. Fitting. Anyway, some of these rely on strange Bellwood family in-jokes (or, in the case of the most recent, a familiarity with Eddie Izzard), but I thought they might be amusing for the general public as well. Here are three of the most recent to keep you occupied.

(Art-Stix is an artistic endeavor launched by my father last year. He designs awesome artistic bookmarks.)

Enough badgers for now.




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