Dance and Destroy!

More poster designs for Barefoot Blues! I don't think I've ever drawn an honest-to-goodness dinosaur before this project. This is, I have realized, inexcusable. Expect more dinosaurs effective immediately. Also: inked this guy with a real brush! I normally use a Pentel Pocket Brush for inking my comics, but I finally screwed up my courage … Continue reading Dance and Destroy!


Posters n’ Projects

Hey everyone! Sorry things have been a little quiet around here. I've been holding myself to a page-a-day schedule for the past three weeks for my thesis, which is shaping up to be around 30 pages altogether. Really excited to get that posted on here, but until I make it that far I'll be posting … Continue reading Posters n’ Projects

More Watercolorin’ (and a Tumblr!)

Some more watercolor doodles! I can't seem to stop myself these days. Aaaand a comic. Because I can't resist and GOD. DAMN. the wind was cold yesterday. Also: I got a Tumblr because it seemed like a smart move. You can check it out over here. I'll probably post more silly doodles there in the … Continue reading More Watercolorin’ (and a Tumblr!)