The First Wave & Stumptown Comics Fest!

Guess what was the incredible Ryan Dirks picked up for me yesterday? What does this mean? I'll have copies of True Believer at table B-20 tomorrow from 12pm-6pm, and I would love it if you guys came by to say hello and check them out!


Portrait Sketches – Spring 2012

The semester is almost over, which means it's time to throw the fruits of my classtime labor up on the Internet for all to see. I was feeling frustrated with my ability to capture good likenesses of people, so for the last three months I've been drawing students from two of my conferences at Reed. … Continue reading Portrait Sketches – Spring 2012

Off to the Races!

Ladies and Gents, the True Believer Kickstarter Page is Officially LIVE! I have been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm I've received from you all so far, and now it's time to translate that hype into action. Check out the campaign, make a pledge (even $1 helps, and nets you a shoutout right here on … Continue reading Off to the Races!

True Believer Kickstarter

Prepare Yourselves At 8am on Monday, April 23rd, the True Believer Kickstarter Campaign goes live. I know the video says Friday, but we were alerted to the fact that people have these things called "weekends" where they're generally off enjoying the sunshine rather than trawling the web for worthy new projects to back. This makes … Continue reading True Believer Kickstarter