True Believer: Sneak Peek!

As I work on compiling all the color and ink files today, I thought I’d throw up a finished preview page so you guys can get a feel for how things are shaping up. More to come soon!



6 thoughts on “True Believer: Sneak Peek!

  1. Boy am I relieved to know I’m the only wack-job to have two, over-head lights above the board. Jokes aside, I love how you arrange your captions and the color choices. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Haha, thanks! I always get annoyed with a single light because my drawing hand often ends up casting shadows over what I’m working on. I think it makes perfect sense to have two.

  2. Woohoo! I also use two drawing lights. I also ran a succesful kickstarter campaign that ended last October so I will be helping to spread the word for you! Can I ask where you’re getting your book printed?

    1. That’s awesome, Chris! What was your campaign? I’m getting really excited to start sharing it with people. We’re just waiting for Kickstarter to approve it right now. Thanks so much for offering to help!

      The guts of the comic will be printed with Minuteman Press, but I’ll also be doing 100 limited edition copies with two-color screen printed covers by Dueltone Printing. Should be awesome!

      1. My campaign was to print 1000 copies of a 460 g. paperback book of journal comics. One of the keys to my success was making different movies throughout the 60 day period. Each time a new video was up it was an excuse to remind people about the fundraiser. I got over 5000 dollars. And I actually get the first box of books in the mail tomorrow!

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