Feet Forever

Following up my 100 hands post from a while back with 100 feet! Excited to already feel the blunt repetitive force of these seeping into my regular drawing. Practicing is the coolest, you guys.


Dreams: Getting Weirder

In this installment of "My Brain is Batshit Insane," I discover Serge Gainsbourg's secret stash of poorly-drawn Avengers pornography. I'll leave it up to you guys to decide what that means. Bonus comic! This was one of the drawings in Serge's sketchbooks that I actually remember. Not appearing in these strips: the man wearing terrycloth … Continue reading Dreams: Getting Weirder

So You Wanna (Honorably)…

The first in a series of comics for the Reed College Quest highlighting the challenges of living in a community governed by the Honor Principle. The Honor Principle (or, as it is often affectionately called, the "HP") grounds itself in the idea that community members should take thoughtful responsibility for their own actions, always considering their impact … Continue reading So You Wanna (Honorably)…