Reactionary Figure Drawin’

Splitting this update into two posts, ’cause image gallery settings in WordPress are silly and I can’t display things the way I want unless they’re in separate posts. SO.

The greatest (and most stressful) part of the qual was getting to focus on nothing else for 10 days. Unfortunately, having missed a huge amount of class in the preceding weeks due to being deathly ill, this left me pretty screwed over after I turned in my materials on Monday. With a large-scale figure drawing project due the next morning at 9, I loaded my thermos with coffee and trekked into the studio at 10:30pm. Fortunately, I was home by 3am, which I consider a miracle — and even more miraculous was the fact that said project wasn’t a pile of poo! Isn’t it great when a plan comes together?

“Gettin’ Outta Dodge,” as it was ultimately titled, involved large rolls of craft paper, black and white charcoal, and a very sharp box cutter. Oh, and some strategically-placed scissors installed by Russian studio stylist D. Lemeshchenko. Brilliant man, but his prices are astronomical…

Enjoy the boobs!


GUYS. guys.

Okay, I know I’ve been AWOL for a while, but HERE, live and direct from my delirious haven’t-slept-in-way-too-long crazybrain state, is some STUFF. Nothing to do with comics, but that’s coming soon too. Also: printmaking and…sleeping? At some point. I’m sure.

SO. I’ve been working on this triptych for about 8 hours solid now and I’m immensely happy with the way it’s going — though that may be the delirium and caffeine talking. I’ll post pictures of it properly trimmed and mounted after the critique on Tuesday, but for now:

Fuck yeah.