Baggywrinkles is an educational, autobiographical comic series designed to bring maritime history and culture to life. If you’d like to buy the whole bundle (plus a bonus nautical button), look no further. For individual print issues, follow the links above each comic.

Looking to run away to sea? The experiences depicted in these comics largely occurred on the tall ship Lady Washington during my time aboard as a volunteer deckhand. If you’d like to learn the ropes of tall ship sailing from the ground up (seriously, I had ZERO experience when I started), check out their Two Weeks Before the Mast program! To learn more about sail training across the US, visit the Tall Ships America homepage.

Issue 1 – The Beginning (Buy in print!)

Issue 2 – Sea of Ink (Buy in print!)

Issue 3 – Parts Unknown (Buy in print!)

Issue 4 – The Plank (Buy in print!)

Issue 5 – Pacific Passages (Buy in print, buy in PDF):

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