For publishing inquiries, larger projects, and paid speaking engagements, kindly contact my agent, Barry Goldblatt, at

barry [at] bgliterary [dot] com

I’m not currently available for smaller freelance jobs (portraits, tattoo designs, etc) and am taking a bit of a suspicious approach to interview requests, mostly because I’m in the middle of overhauling a lot of my thinking and have more questions than answers.

For other types of contact, here’s a disclaimer as of November, 2021:

My dance card is pretty booked right now between working on my next graphic novel, looking after my dad, and balancing a couple personal projects that feel electric at the moment. That being said, I’ve really been enjoying using email more often for thoughtful, spontaneous correspondence. If you’re interested in talking about anything I’ve been exploring on my blog or elsewhere, feel free to reach out (non-urgently) at

lucybellwood [at] hey [dot] com

(I also adore physical mail. Feel free to send letters, postcards, and interesting nautical ephemera to Lucy Bellwood, PO Box 734, Ojai, CA 93024)

Thank you!