In 2017 I set out to participate in The 100 Day Project for the second time (you can check out the result of my first year, A Life in Objects, here). Taking a character I’d first started exploring during Inktober back in 2015, I began posting a daily dialogue with the little voice in my head who tells me I’m no good.


Sharing these illustrations induced a particular kind of catharsis: it turned out most everyone I knew was struggling with feelings of imposter syndrome and anxiety. Externalizing these conversations and giving them a humorous twist often enabled me to overcome my self-doubt and get on with the exciting business of Making Good Art—and it seemed to help other people do the same.

On Wednesday, July 12th I completed the final illustration in the series and launched a Kickstarter to fund a print collection of all these pieces (and a demon plushie!).


The campaign funded just over a day later, and I’m now in the process of producing the softcover and hardcover editions of the book. You can pre-order books, plushies, and demon-themed letterpress prints right here.

If you’d like an archival-quality print of any of the demons shown below, you can pick those up from the fine folks at Buyolympia!

And now, on with the comics: