100 Demon Dialogues is a collection of comics for anyone who deals with a little voice in their head that says “you’re no good.”


Whether you call it Imposter Syndrome, negative self-talk, the Fraud Police, or any other name, the fact remains: everyone experiences self-doubt and inner judgement at some point in their lives. 100 Demon Dialogues is a humorous, heartfelt book full of conversations between me and my pesky Inner Critic, all designed to demystify where this voice comes from and why on earth it’s so hard on us all.


The final collection of comics is entering the world in book form in June, 2018! If you’d like to preorder a copy, you can do so through a bookshop of your choice on IndieBound, or by asking your local comic shop to preorder with Diamond Code APR181833. (If you really must, you can also order it in print or for your Kindle through Amazon.)

This collection is the culmination of my second 100 Day Project. (You can check out the result of my first, A Life in Objects, here). All the entries were drawn, one per day, over the course of 100 consecutive days in 2017. It’s a process I highly recommend to folks who enjoy structure and a solid creative challenge.

OldDemonThe final print collection pairs nicely with the companion plush toy, which exists thanks to the many folks on Kickstarter who helped fund this project.


If you’d like an archival-quality print of any of the demons shown below, you can pick those up individually from the fine folks at Buyolympia!

And now, on with the comics: