Baggywrinkles is an educational, autobiographical comic series designed to bring maritime history and culture to life, and it’s now available in full color in book form!

Baggywrinkles: a Lubber’s Guide to Life at Sea is available in softcover through your local indie bookseller, comic shop, or via Amazon.  Fancy hardcover editions are available exclusively through my online store!


These stories are based on the time I’ve spent working aboard square-rigged sailing vessels up and down the West Coast. It’s a real thing you can still do! The experiences depicted in these comics largely occurred on the tall ship Lady Washington during my time aboard as a volunteer deckhand.

If you’d like to learn the ropes of tall ship sailing from the ground up (seriously, I had ZERO experience when I started), check out the Lady Washington’s Two Weeks Before the Mast program! To learn more about sail training across the US, visit the Tall Ships America homepage.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy these black and white preview chapters for free online:

Issue 1 – The Beginning

Issue 2 – Sea of Ink

Issue 3 – Parts Unknown

Issue 4 – The Plank

Issue 5 – Pacific Passages

Order the full-color print edition here!

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  14. I did my two weeks on the Hawaiian Cheiftan about a month ago and it’s been super hard going back to the life of a landlocked high schooler so this brought me so so much joy to read ❤️ thank you!

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