Occasionally, I bind books. Mostly, they are artistic.

The Wherefore Box

A crazy idea in an even crazier format. Text from Helénè Cixous, art from me. Tentative accompaniment/packaging for my first graphic novel. Few more photos here.


Project completed for my Junior Qualifying Exam exploring mythology and reinvention through stories. Watercolor illustration scanned and printed on Epson archival matte paper, book boards covered in marbled paper. Cover made from book board, delicious blue book cloth, ribbons, and two types of textured paper. Edition of one. April, 2011. (Full photo walk-through available here.)

Untitled, Oct. 10th

An assignment for “Word and Image: The Book as Sculptural Object.” Edition of six books featuring a poem by Hallie McPherson, designed, illustrated, typeset, printed, and bound by myself. Illustrations on Bristol in ink, copied onto transparencies, exposed onto polymer plates, and printed on hand-dyed Arches cover paper using a Reprex press. Type hand-set in English Garamond. Covers made from book board and dyed canvas. October/November, 2010. (Full photo walk-through available here.)

red remembered

An exercise in directional storytelling examining cultural differences in the Little Red Riding Hood myth. Hinged, multi-layer pop-up/fold-out book. Watercolored originals, scanned and textured in Photoshop, pasted onto book cloth and board, hand letterpressed text in Zapfino. Covers wrapped in decorative paper. Spring, 2010.

Riley’s Kick Ass Kook Book

A personal project as a gift for my dear friend, who’s moving into a new place this year after a long stretch of nomadism, and could use some exciting recipes. Colored construction paper, bookboard, waxed purple thread. July, 2010.

Almanack Journal

Experimental journal made from an old 1979 almanack I found while helping my dad clean out his bookshelves. Used a modified long stitch for the binding after cutting out and trimming the original spine material so that it could form stabilizing tabs to run the thread over. Regular printer paper for the interior. August, 2010.

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  1. You’re comics and bookmaking art are awesome! I also make comics and books. So does my friend Jed Collins, who I think you might like. Stylistically anyway. See his stuff at I base that idea on the frame where you are kicking a foot up in the air while walking in the rain in your second color comic. Maybe you won’t like him. Either way keep up the good art. Thanks for sharing.

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