Trying to keep my drawing muscles in shape while I work on the script (yes, SCRIPT. WITH WORDS. Crazy, I know.) for Wherefore. I’ve been so inspired by re-reading (and re-re-reading, and re-re-re-reading) Jen Wang’s Koko Be Good that I’m considering adding some watercolors to my linework for the final product, so tonight I started doing some small studies.

I’ve also been meaning to try drawing more animals, so there will probably be more of these in the future. Couldn’t be arsed to scan them, since my computer is reaching the point where merely thinking about opening Photoshop sends it into a panic attack, but rest assured they’re all transparent and watercolorey in real life.

(Reference photo credit for the extraordinary bird on the right goes to the phenomenal Andrew Zuckerman from his book…can you guess? Bird.)

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