Hey everyone. So, in honor of my birthday (which is today), I’m releasing all my exciting news in one fell swoop. We’ve got new comics, reprints, a fan page, and a convention appearance all up in here, so read on!

First, and most importantly, Baggywrinkles #2 is FINALLY HERE!


It’s been too long in the works, but I’m very proud to see it out in the world at last. This volume, as those of you who have been following its glacial progress here on the blog probably know, is all about traditional sailors’ tattoos. Superstitious ones, useful ones, boastful ones, all in there. Eight pages, like the last one, but this time I’ve switched it up with a BLUE cover.

Oh yes. Bold strides.

Both issues will soon be available for physical purchase in the following fine Portland establishments: Guapo Comics and Coffee, Reading Frenzy, Floating World Comics, and (hopefully) Powell’s Books!

I’m also offering a deal through the site and at the Portland Zine Symposium in August: Both issues of the comic and a bonus nautical button for 5 bucks! Saves you a dollar. Everyone likes having an extra dollar. Check out the Emporium for more info!


Tales from the Fragment has been reprinted and is ready to ship!

If you remember way back last year when I first wrote about this project, it’s a sculptural foldy comic which incorporates its hand-cut wrapper into the storytelling process. Silly meta stuff, but I had so much fun with it that I wanted to make some more to share with folks. They’re going at 5 bucks a pop to cover all the arthritis surgery I’ll need one day from going around all those tricky stalagmites with my X-acto knife.


If you’re the kind of person who likes keeping up with news via Facebook, Baggywrinkles (and, by extension, my other artistic adventures) has its own fan page! My understanding is that if you “Like” it you get sweet updates on all my comics-related doings. Hot damn!


I’ll see you all in person at the Portland Zine Symposium on August 6th and 7th! It’s free, and there will be a ton of awesome folks there, so you really have no excuse not to come.

Thanks for sticking with me, folks. I know this isn’t the most regular of update schedules, but I’m really excited to share all this stuff with you.

The Fragment is Here!

Wow. Apologies for all the photos in this post, but there didn’t seem to be a better way to convey all this. Thank goodness for WordPress slideshows.

So here, in its entirety, is Tales from the Fragment. The first part of the slideshow is a walkthrough of the final product. Each new image corresponds to a folding out of one of the tabs or panels, if that makes any sense. The rest of the shots are all production related because, let’s face it, there’s something mesmerizing about seeing your work duplicated. Also: black toner hands of DOOM. It took forever to scrub that shit off.

There are few things that needed tweaking, spacing-wise, which will be corrected when I print a second run to (shh) sell through the site. For now, though, those copies will be going to the other members of the class.


And as if that weren’t enough, I shirked academic duties today in order to stop being a wuss and finish laying out Baggywrinkles #1! The covers look amazing and I can’t wait to get it all assembled in the next few days. I’ll be sure to start squealing with glee as soon as it’s up for purchasing in the Emporium. Until then, no running with scissors!

Tales from the Fragment – Stage 1 Complete

As promised, here are the panels for the wrapper portion of Tales from the Fragment, my latest book/comic project. The prompt was to make a low-budget piece dealing with the term “mapping.” It’ll be printed in an edition of 15 for the class, but I’m inclined to adapt it for further production when that’s finished. We’ll see. Anyway, in order for the orientation and layout to make sense, I’ve included a quick n’ dirty photo walk-through of what the final project will look like below the illustrations.

Cover – Exterior

Cover – InteriorThe Walkthrough

So, not the most glamorous photography in the world, and the choices for what goes where have also shifted somewhat, but the basic premise is the same. The illustrations above will be printed onto each side of the wrapper so that every step of unfolding it brings a new panel into view. The folded piece of 8.5″x11″ found inside the wrapper works on a similar system, ultimately leaving the reader with a full-page illustration of the map fragment that’s been stolen by our intrepid hero.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for, uh, more of this? Also: gag panels for this week’s IPRC session! Woo-hoo!