1. Join closely together

[The Waves — Virginia Woolf]


adjective (archaic)
  1. (of behavior) scornful and insulting; insolent.

noun: contumely

  1. insolent or insulting language or treatment
[The Iliads of Homer — Trans. George Chapman]


Proper noun

Cordel literature (from the Portuguese term, literatura de cordel, literally “string literature”, Portuguese pronunciation: [koʁˈdɛw]) are popular and inexpensively printed booklets or pamphlets containing folk novels, poems and songs. They are produced and sold in street markets and by street vendors in Brazil, mainly in the Northeast. They are so named because they are hung from strings to display them to potential customers, and the word for rope in Portuguese is corda, from which the term cordel is derived. (Definition via Wikipedia)

[“The Author in Truth,” from Coming to Writing and Other Essays — Hélène Cixous]



  1. Resembling leather

[James Nye, in conversation]