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Hey everyone! Sorry things have been a little quiet around here. I’ve been holding myself to a page-a-day schedule for the past three weeks for my thesis, which is shaping up to be around 30 pages altogether. Really excited to get that posted on here, but until I make it that far I’ll be posting oddball illustrations and strips to keep you entertained.

First up is a poster I recently designed for the Portland Underground Exchange — a dance event put on by the awesome folks at Barefoot Blues! If you’re local and interested in spending an incredible weekend with the best dancers and live acts in the Pacific Northwest, I recommend that you check it out. The theme I was given to work with was “dancing trees”, which is quite literally what you see below.

This was my first foray into digital coloring and I felt like a big flaily clumsy baby about it, but it was a lot of fun and I’m keen to start doing it more often. Maybe a daily sketch project or something. WHO KNOWS.

Check back tomorrow for more filler art!

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