Reactionary Figure Drawin’

Splitting this update into two posts, ’cause image gallery settings in WordPress are silly and I can’t display things the way I want unless they’re in separate posts. SO.

The greatest (and most stressful) part of the qual was getting to focus on nothing else for 10 days. Unfortunately, having missed a huge amount of class in the preceding weeks due to being deathly ill, this left me pretty screwed over after I turned in my materials on Monday. With a large-scale figure drawing project due the next morning at 9, I loaded my thermos with coffee and trekked into the studio at 10:30pm. Fortunately, I was home by 3am, which I consider a miracle — and even more miraculous was the fact that said project wasn’t a pile of poo! Isn’t it great when a plan comes together?

“Gettin’ Outta Dodge,” as it was ultimately titled, involved large rolls of craft paper, black and white charcoal, and a very sharp box cutter. Oh, and some strategically-placed scissors installed by Russian studio stylist D. Lemeshchenko. Brilliant man, but his prices are astronomical…

Enjoy the boobs!

Revolution (NSFW)

To tide everyone over while I scramble around for documentation of other recent projects, here’s a quick one page comic for a zine the IPRC class is putting together. The theme was “revolutions.” Churned this out in a couple hours with no reference, so on the one hand I’m proud of the bits where all the figure drawing I’ve been doing pays off, but on the other there are some heinous liberties being taken with space and anatomy. Ew.

But hey, boobs!

Unless you get too dizzy and start vomiting. Then, I am given to understand, it feels bad.