Figure Drawing Dump

In keeping with various artistic resolutions, I’ve been making an effort to drag myself back to figure drawing on a weekly basis this year. So far so (semi-)good! Here’s a selection of pieces from the last couple sessions:

I’ll try to upload batches of these periodically as I keep dragging myself in. It’s hard practice, but I’m really glad I’m going. Onward!

New Figures, Old Injuries

Somehow, I managed to re-injure myself after my neck trauma from a week or two ago, which meant a weekend of lying around on my back in a lot of pain again. I don’t like pain. I don’t like being inactive. So the minute I managed to get to the chiropractor and start healing, it was back to the drawing board. Fueled by the anxiety of not being able to draw for two days in the midst of a ton of deadlines, I’ve been churning through things like crazy. Sometimes I feel like it’s never enough, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, here’s some figure drawing.

For figure drawing this week, I picked up one of those Pentel pigment pens at the art store because I hadn’t had time to go home and get my regular supplies. I’m not going to lie, I really struggled this session. My figures felt lifeless and poorly planned, painting with the brush was tricky, I invariably used too much ink, I couldn’t get the essence of the model on the page. But I pushed on, and by the end of it I’d done two pieces I was actually quite proud of. I debated putting them up here in isolation, but I want to own up to the days when I’m just not feeling it, so here’s the whole bunch.

This is a pattern I experience time and time again (feeling like my work is rubbish, drawing anyway, getting through it, and arriving at a place of excitement and inspiration), and the more it happens, the more I can say “I know you think this horrible now, but just keep drawing.” It doesn’t make the despair of the earlier stages less horrible, but practice teaches me that it’s just a phase. Hopefully one day it’ll be gone altogether, but given that I hear about it from just about every artist I admire, I don’t have my hopes too high. And that’s okay.

Dr. Sketchy’s Sketchdump! (Plus some other nonsense)

Last night I finally made it out to a Dr. Sketchy’s meeting in Portland and boy howdy am I glad I did. Awesome people, sweet prizes (lascivious burlesque paper doll book, anyone?), good drinks, and a fabulous model. What more can a girl ask for? I spent the night mostly challenging myself to bust out some quick watercolor renderings for the 5-10 minute poses, then did a few inky things later on.

20 minute excuse to draw a big ol’ dragon.

And my response to the “Make this pose into the best noir poster you can manage in 20 minutes” challenge. This was a blast, although I’m really not a fan of inking lettering in a timed environment. Waaay too much stress. Also ran my pen out of ink in the process of making it atmospheric enough.


When not drawing scantily clad babes in sketchy bars, I’ve also been doing some rendering and style experiments for an upcoming project. Hence quick comics about footwear!

Also been really into the way Aaron Diaz renders faces, so I’m trying that out for a while with the G nibs I got for Christmas. Those things are nifty!

Who is this dapper fellow? What is he so excited about? We may never know.

The Figure: Semester Recap (NSFWish)

Yes, yes, it’s another figure drawing post so, y’know, the occasional boob may have snuck in. Be warned.


Since it’ll be a few days before I get around to properly photographing the Wherefore container, I thought I’d entertain you all with some coursework. Here’s a selection of gesture drawings, anatomical/foreshortening studies, and a series of longer poses exploring midtone paper from this semester’s Figure class.

And, as a bonus: CANDLE FINGERS! This was our final project, which centered around modification of the body. I built the double-ended finger candle from casts of my own digits, recast the whole thing in beeswax, then lit it on fire during critique while giving a reading of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “First Fig”. For whatever reason, horizontal candles burn much faster than vertical ones, so the final state of waxy carnage (pictured at right) probably only took about 15 minutes to fully achieve.

Stay tuned!

Reactionary Figure Drawin’

Splitting this update into two posts, ’cause image gallery settings in WordPress are silly and I can’t display things the way I want unless they’re in separate posts. SO.

The greatest (and most stressful) part of the qual was getting to focus on nothing else for 10 days. Unfortunately, having missed a huge amount of class in the preceding weeks due to being deathly ill, this left me pretty screwed over after I turned in my materials on Monday. With a large-scale figure drawing project due the next morning at 9, I loaded my thermos with coffee and trekked into the studio at 10:30pm. Fortunately, I was home by 3am, which I consider a miracle — and even more miraculous was the fact that said project wasn’t a pile of poo! Isn’t it great when a plan comes together?

“Gettin’ Outta Dodge,” as it was ultimately titled, involved large rolls of craft paper, black and white charcoal, and a very sharp box cutter. Oh, and some strategically-placed scissors installed by Russian studio stylist D. Lemeshchenko. Brilliant man, but his prices are astronomical…

Enjoy the boobs!