Noir Bean Dreams

[Unpublished draft from October, 2021]

I’ve been having batshit dreams all week. Exhausted, unable to sleep, restless when I finally go down. But last night I got a reprieve and had some really fun ones, most of which I’ve now forgotten. The last remaining vestige was a hardboiled detective saying “The dame walked into my office. She had a face like four cubed beans coming out of a boat.”

Okay, Brain.

Dreams: Getting Weirder

In this installment of “My Brain is Batshit Insane,” I discover Serge Gainsbourg’s secret stash of poorly-drawn Avengers pornography.

I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide what that means.

Bonus comic! This was one of the drawings in Serge’s sketchbooks that I actually remember.

Not appearing in these strips: the man wearing terrycloth harem pants who wanted me to inspect his bathtub. There’s only so much crazy you can fit on a page.