Noir Bean Dreams

[Unpublished draft from October, 2021]

I’ve been having batshit dreams all week. Exhausted, unable to sleep, restless when I finally go down. But last night I got a reprieve and had some really fun ones, most of which I’ve now forgotten. The last remaining vestige was a hardboiled detective saying “The dame walked into my office. She had a face like four cubed beans coming out of a boat.”

Okay, Brain.

Dr. Sketchy’s Sketchdump! (Plus some other nonsense)

Last night I finally made it out to a Dr. Sketchy’s meeting in Portland and boy howdy am I glad I did. Awesome people, sweet prizes (lascivious burlesque paper doll book, anyone?), good drinks, and a fabulous model. What more can a girl ask for? I spent the night mostly challenging myself to bust out some quick watercolor renderings for the 5-10 minute poses, then did a few inky things later on.

20 minute excuse to draw a big ol’ dragon.

And my response to the “Make this pose into the best noir poster you can manage in 20 minutes” challenge. This was a blast, although I’m really not a fan of inking lettering in a timed environment. Waaay too much stress. Also ran my pen out of ink in the process of making it atmospheric enough.


When not drawing scantily clad babes in sketchy bars, I’ve also been doing some rendering and style experiments for an upcoming project. Hence quick comics about footwear!

Also been really into the way Aaron Diaz renders faces, so I’m trying that out for a while with the G nibs I got for Christmas. Those things are nifty!

Who is this dapper fellow? What is he so excited about? We may never know.