The Final Fenton

And here we have it: the dramatic conclusion to Fenton’s 4-page spotlight.

And that’s that! Since this comic was completed in a rapid dash for a deadline there’s still a lot more painting to be done to bring it up to snuff, so I may update these images sometime in the future with cleaner meaner versions. But for now, in typical style, my next comic will probably be about something completely unrelated to this! Get ready for excitement and…I don’t know. Manatees? You tell me.

In the department of exciting news, I have a piece in the upcoming Top Secrets-themed issue of Portland’s own Stumptown Underground! This is my first anthology inclusion so I’m extra thrilled and would love to see your grinning faces at the release party this Friday. The shin-dig goes down at In Other Words (14 NE Killingsworth St.) this Friday from 7-9pm. Hope to see you all there!

Roger Fenton vs. The Crimean War

To whet everyone’s appetites, here’s the first page of a short comic I just finished about Roger Fenton’s photographic exploits during the Crimean War. The comic is partly a response to this piece in the NYT, which discusses In the Valley of the Shadow of Death, Fenton’s most famous shot. This was some wild speculation about where the image came from with a healthy dose of artistic experimentation thrown in. I’m getting more and more excited about watercolors these days, and wish I’d had more time to tackle painting this, but I may still go back and add some more detail. The inking was all done with a fountain pen in a sketchier style than I generally go for. Any thoughts on the difference greatly appreciated. I’ll post another page tomorrow. Enjoy!

Bros of the Crimean War

The massive post-poly/mono-comic site traffic explosion (more on that later) has tapered off somewhat, but I still feel bad that people seem to be checking back and I have yet to do anything new. So, here are some Crimean Bros to be going on with. Bask in all their muttonchoppy glory. A choppy sea of mutton. And so on. The comic that I’m working on around these studies will be up by Sunday, so check back thereabouts for fun new material that has nothing to do with my previous work (sorry, you fierce poly-mono debatin’ dudes). Might also have a quick bonus comic done in the next few days. Keep checkin’.