My Grandmother’s Beast (Part 1)

First off, happy festive season to all you blog-following types. It’s been a sunny one down here in California, but soon enough I’ll be back in the Pacific Northwest slogging away at the drawing board.

In the meantime, I’ve been remiss about getting these files optimized for the web, but here, at last, is my most recent project! This was a challenging story to tackle, since it deals with my grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s. I wanted to attempt a full-color rendering technique and practice my watercolor skills (still woefully lacking) while sticking to a relatively simple page layout. I believe the result is more illustrated story than comic, but it was a learning experience nonetheless. I’ll post the story in four updates of a few pages each, since they’re so minimal. Here’s the first!


As promised, a new 6-page comic begins today!

Our most recent assignment involved adapting excerpts from the blogs of soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Stars” is the result of that process. Those of you with a keen eye will detect a lot of visual influence from Sergio Toppi, the masterful Italian illustrator and cartoonist. His inking techniques and page layouts blow my mind, and this was an attempt to replicate some of that dynamism on the page. It was also an opportunity for me to play with nibs again after a long stint of inking with a brush. Some good things happened, some messy things happened, but on the whole I enjoyed myself.

Here goes!