Wherefore: The Box

Finally got around to properly photographing the sculptural container I created for the preliminary Wherefore illustrations last term! Woo!

The premise of this project was the creation of an interactive structure that could contain the six illustrations I completed while integrating text from Hélène Cixous’ Coming to Writing — an extremely beautiful and provocative essay about cultural identity and the power of the multiplied voice. I highly recommend it.

There was a vague thought of making the final volume of comics small enough to fit in said box along with the folding art/text piece, but I realized the resultant work would have to be laughably small. Still, there’s the potential for a massive Turkish Delight box in my future if I want to create one that can contain a full-size book.

Anyway, on with the piccies!

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  1. i do not know what to say ??? you are cool, real cool and you definetly are doing some amazing work. i hop you can continue to make comics a part of not only your school but our lives. you have a gift. your exsentric too witch is awesome. i follow this other blog that talks about being creative. witch you seem to be doing well:) she said in this post that she tries to start the day out jernaling what was on her mind the night before and then metitationg and then making something creative. she says that she checks her email to mutch as a lot of us do so that is why she has odpted thease things. i do not know why in telling you this i just thought it was cool that i conected with another artist and now im exsited to see more of your work. 🙂 i hope i was not to stalkerish 🙁 but i like are and comics and animee are where my hear is for the most part. so rock on and i am looking forword to more good stuff 🙂 thank you

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