It seems my daily efforts for the month of January have borne tangible fruit. Behold: 31 Finished Outfits!

Outfits-Vertical_Web(If you want to see the little people all lined up in a big ribbon — my favorite, but it doesn’t display so well on the site — you can check out that full-size image right here.)

Before anyone asks: Yes, I did totally space that January had 31 days when I started, hence the first post being 30 Days…But it all shakes out because I did a couple drawings in December and missed two in early January. PHEW.

This project was a blast, but I’m glad to be moving my creative energy towards more comics-related gigs in February and beyond. Look for them on the web soon!

3 thoughts on “31 Days, 31 Outfits: COMPLETE!

  1. Very entertaining to see that you really have quite a variety of outfits, though seems the last one would be perfect for Mardi Gras. Also, I thought you were already a full member of Periscope. I guess congrats are in order. Cheers!

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