31 Days, 31 Outfits – 2015

Those of you following me elsewhere on the Internet have probably already seen this year’s 31 Days, 31 Outfits challenge, but I finally got ’em all scanned and uploaded into a tiny army, so I figured it was time for an official post. If you’d like to compare notes with 2014’s 31 Outfits, you can take a peek at those right here.

(The Goblin Interlude was brought to you by Evan Dahm and Goblin Week.)


I hadn’t intended to make this an annual thing, but it’s been really fun both times and I dig getting to see my progress year-to-year, so I guess I’ll be seeing you with another batch of these in 2016!

31 Days, 31 Outfits: COMPLETE!

It seems my daily efforts for the month of January have borne tangible fruit. Behold: 31 Finished Outfits!

Outfits-Vertical_Web(If you want to see the little people all lined up in a big ribbon — my favorite, but it doesn’t display so well on the site — you can check out that full-size image right here.)

Before anyone asks: Yes, I did totally space that January had 31 days when I started, hence the first post being 30 Days…But it all shakes out because I did a couple drawings in December and missed two in early January. PHEW.

This project was a blast, but I’m glad to be moving my creative energy towards more comics-related gigs in February and beyond. Look for them on the web soon!

30 Days, 30 Outfits

Happy New Year, readers! I’m looking forward to sharing a whole bunch of art stuff with you in the next couple weeks. Let’s begin here:


In the interests of getting myself sketching more often, I resolved to draw whatever I was wearing over breakfast every morning this month instead of, say, checking Twitter on my phone. As someone whose primary wardrobe options mostly come from the very exclusive Soggy Cardboard Box on a Streetcorner boutique, this has been a really fun exercise so far. Not only does it give me a little practice every morning, it also makes me think about new ways to combine the clothes I own and gives me a visual record of outfits I liked to fall back on when I’m staring at the heap of clothing on my floor with zero motivation to get dressed.

Of course some days…

Photo Jan 11, 1 57 19 PM

…are better than others:

Photo Jan 12, 9 41 37 AMSince these are coming out every day I’ll probably just do round-up posts every once in a while, but if you’d like to follow along in real time be sure to find me on Twitter or Tumblr!