A couple quick comics from the past few weeks to keep you all entertained while I scrabble around for scans and photos to put in the big Fragment wrap-up post. Also: submitted my registration info for Stumptown this year! Trepidation! Nobody hears back until December, but that’s no reason not to use it as impetus for producing lots and lots of goodies.

Anyway…on to the art!

I occasionally resent the fact that Portland remains relatively habitable in the winter, since Vermont seems to have a lot going for it in the “soul-crushing cold as impetus for cartoons and nothing else forever” department. However, the onset of fall generally leads to an inclination to stay indoors and slave away over a hot drawing board, which is a fine substitute in my book.

Also: Hoo boy. Sleeping in! Am I right?

Keep yer eyes peeled for more excitement soon.

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