Site Overhaul!

Welcome, friends, to my brand new site! After realizing that my former blog theme was no longer supported on WordPress and therefore failing to load images properly, I upgraded to a new theme and have spent the afternoon putting together a more robust and well organized homepage for you all to enjoy. There are some … Continue reading Site Overhaul!


Hourly Comic Day 2013

I didn't come into the Studio this weekend so I had no scanner access, but here, better late than never, are this year's Hourly Comics! (You can pick up on my salami jokes by reading last year's installment right here.) Busy, busy times, but a whole lot of fun.


Hey world! This post is chock full of news. CHOCK FULL. STAND BACK. First: did some hourly comics for Hourly Comics Day this year. First time trying this, made my inner critic scream with rage, which probably means it's the sort of thing I should do every day in order to get over myself. Also: … Continue reading Hourly Comics 2011 AND OTHER MEASUREMENTS AS WELL

Got That Old Fashioned Monotype Blues

Just a quick doodle from printmaking class today, where we were working with monotype prints*. The last week or so has been killer for social dancing -- live music, great venues, excellent partners, late nights. I can't feel my legs right now, of course, but that's a small price to pay. *Basically, to clarify the … Continue reading Got That Old Fashioned Monotype Blues