Got That Old Fashioned Monotype Blues

Just a quick doodle from printmaking class today, where we were working with monotype prints*. The last week or so has been killer for social dancing — live music, great venues, excellent partners, late nights. I can’t feel my legs right now, of course, but that’s a small price to pay.

*Basically, to clarify the process, y’roll ink all over some acetate, stick a piece of paper atop it, and draw. Ink is picked up on the facing side of the paper where the pen presses it down. The only tricky part is resisting the urge to steady the page with one’s hand, which results in hideous blotches. There’s always a certain amount of noise around the lines, which gives everything a more textured look. I’m on the fence about it as a whole, but I liked this one.

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