Hey world! This post is chock full of news. CHOCK FULL. STAND BACK.

First: did some hourly comics for Hourly Comics Day this year. First time trying this, made my inner critic scream with rage, which probably means it’s the sort of thing I should do every day in order to get over myself. Also: cheated and stopped at 8, since the rest of the night was just dancing dancing dancing until midnight and beyond. Anyway: HERE. I MADE THESE FOR YOU.

Oh man. So that. ALSO: Our Monday night World Comics class at the IPRC has started a blog for your enjoyment [that is now defunct so I’ve removed the link]! We’ll be chronicling our adventures and projects there over the next couple months, so check it out. Good things to be had so far, and there will only be more in the weeks to come.

FINALLY: I forgot to mention this when it happened a couple weeks ago, but Baggywrinkles Issue 1 is now actually physically available in a real live comic shop! If you live in the Portland area and would like to get your hands on a copy sans shipping, head over to the totally awesome world of Guapo Comics! They have a few issues in stock, and will be getting the second volume as soon as I finish it. I am, as we speak, slowly working up the gumption to go around to some of the other rad establishments in our fine city, so hopefully that list will expand in the next couple weeks.

I think that’s it for now, but hoo boy. Stay tuned. Shit’s going to get crazy over the next few weeks.

0 thoughts on “Hourly Comic Day 2011 (AND OTHER MEASUREMENTS AS WELL)

  1. lucy, I found your blog! just figured i’d state the obvious. its a a form of art, stating the obvious.

    congrats on movin and shakin. yes, you should prolly post your comics all the time. get over yourself and entertain me all in one!

    keep burnin it down,

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