More Good Drawer (Part 1)

A line drawing of Lucy sitting in front of a laptop smiling and holding a pen and iPad. Handwritten text above her reads “I sign up for a class to try and become a more good drawer.”
Two line drawings. Top left, Lucy stares devoutly at her laptop, eyes bulging in eagerness. The text above reads “I watch the videos with frightening efficiency…” Bottom right, Lucy faceplates onto her sketchbook in despair. The text above reads “…but stumble over all the assignments.”
A line drawing of Lucy punching herself in the face, notebook and pens flying. The text reads “The solution, of course, is to beat myself up over this failure of commitment.”
Two line drawings: top left, under the words “The class has it all” a stern version of Lucy in glasses points to a poster that reads “Structure, Expert Guidance, clear goals, desired outcome, paid commitment, relevant context”. Bottom right, under the words “It’s me who’s falling short,” a sad-looking potato Lucy hunches over with lines emanating from her that say things like Incapable, Scattered, Coward, Lazy, Faker, Stupid.
A line drawing of severe Lucy in glasses looking down her nose and saying “You talked about doing this for so long and now it’s here? You can’t even finish. Pathetic.”
A line drawing of small sad Lucy walking away from balled-up bits of paper and pens. The text reads “She’s right”
A line drawing of balled-up bits of paper and pens.
A line drawing of balled-up bits of paper and pens.
A line drawing  top left of balled-up bits of paper and pens with a younger version of Lucy with long hair peeking in from the side of the page. Text reads “Except maybe…” Bottom right, the younger Lucy sits down among the pages and starts to smooth one out. Text reads “There this other part of me”
A line drawing of Young Lucy now lying on her belly with her legs up behind her, happily engaged in drawing. The text reads “that doesn’t even need the class.”

(Haven’t shared a lot of Actual Comics in this new blogging life I’m living. Does this work? Is it better than reading something on Instagram? Who can say. I’m going to pick this train of thought up on Patreon next week, though, so it’s a good time to join.)