On Subject Matter

Sometimes you put comics on the Internet and nobody gives a shit. Sometimes you unwittingly make comics about Things People Care About On The Internet. That, my friends, is a totally different story. Hoo boy.


Bros of the Crimean War

The massive post-poly/mono-comic site traffic explosion (more on that later) has tapered off somewhat, but I still feel bad that people seem to be checking back and I have yet to do anything new. So, here are some Crimean Bros to be going on with. Bask in all their muttonchoppy glory. A choppy sea of … Continue reading Bros of the Crimean War

The Year of Living Monogamously

This is a thorny one. Our first assignment for the Graphic Novels and War course at Reed this semester asked us to explore a conflict. Specifically: "the largest conflict you've become aware of in the past year and how it has shaped you." I tried to pick something a little more distant and less self-involved than … Continue reading The Year of Living Monogamously

Wherefore: The Box

Finally got around to properly photographing the sculptural container I created for the preliminary Wherefore illustrations last term! Woo! The premise of this project was the creation of an interactive structure that could contain the six illustrations I completed while integrating text from Hélène Cixous' Coming to Writing -- an extremely beautiful and provocative essay … Continue reading Wherefore: The Box