Baggywrinkles #3 – Parts Unknown

Nautical enthusiasts and beloved shipmates, rejoice! Baggywrinkles #3 is now available online for your reading pleasure. This issue covers the sailor's rig, period-appropriate clothing, and the mysterious science of the foretopmast'ays'l. If you'd like to own a physical copy of the comic, you can pre-order one here! The current printing should be finished and bound … Continue reading Baggywrinkles #3 – Parts Unknown


Convention Time! San Francisco! Baggywrinkles 3 Debut!

Hey gang, I write to you from not-very-sunny-at-all San Francisco, where I'm settling in for a weekend of crazy awesome goodness at APE! For those in the area, APE will be taking place at the Concourse Exhibition Center this Saturday and Sunday from 11-7 and 11-6 respectively. Passes are $10 for one day or $15 … Continue reading Convention Time! San Francisco! Baggywrinkles 3 Debut!

100 Hands!

100 Hands to match the 100 Feet I did a while ago. For those that haven't heard, I started a blog so we can all tackle these massive exercises together. If you're interested in a weekly challenge, head over to the Artistic Veggies tumblr. The latest is Fifteen Bicycles! In other news, I'm halfway through inking Baggywrinkles … Continue reading 100 Hands!